Session Chair: Christa Womser Hacker

09:00-09:30Unveiling the Sources of False Health Information: Where do people get false health information from?Leyla Dewitz, Paulina Bressel und Elke Greifeneder
09:30-10:00Large Language Models versus Foundation Models for Assessing the Future-Readiness of SkillsNorman Süsstrunk, Albert Weichselbraun und Roger Waldvogel
10:00-10:30Social Media Usage and Posting Behavior in the Context of Eating Disorders: A Content Analysis Approach Integrating Topics, Emotions, and Images and the Phenomenon of K-pop ThinspirationLinda Achilles, Thomas Mandl und Christa Womser-Hacker

Raumangabe: A0.29, Aula, A-Gebäude, Pulvermühlestrasse 57, 7000 Chur